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Ttc while on whole 30 and change in bbt


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I'm on day 23 of whole 30 and definitely noticing changes. I have terrible hormonal ache and that has improved. Anyone trying to get pregnant on whole 30 who suffer from infertility? I have a fertility monitor and have noticed a HUGE change in my bbt. Off if whole 30 it is all over the place but on whole 30 it's light slight increases everyday. It's like a straight line instead of zig zags. I'm amazed by this. Any thoughts?

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Actually, my bbt has been weird since I started too. Though I didn't start charting till my Whole30 (Day 15 & cycle day 15, I started by Whole30 on the first day of my last period). 

I figured it should be my luteal period so just curious in what it looks like, then I had three days straight of the lowest bbt ever in my life (96.69, 96.78, then 96.85. The app even had a notification popping up saying that my bbt is too low.) Then it shot up after that to 98.13, which the app detect that that was my ovulation time (cycle day 18-19) So I did the BD with hubby for good measure. After that, my bbt dropped to around 97.05 two days later (cycle day 21), then stayed up at 97.75 for 4 days now. 

Now I've passed my usual period time, which is day 25, and I have absolutely no idea what is going with my body. No PMS, only some creamy CM (sorry, TMI) . So I'm just going to wait it out till Day 30 and see what happens. On a side note, I have to say my sex drive has definitely spiked during this Whole30 so far, which is good since we've been ttc for years now. 

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