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Jonalynn's Whole 30 log


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Day 4

Up @ 5:30~too early to eat, rode my bike to work

9am~banana at work

Rode home from work, now I'm starving!!

11:30am 3 eggs(pastured) fried in clarified(organic) butter and a taste of tonights beef roast

2pm~peckish made a smoothie(prior to reading they are not recommended~oopps) coconut milk, 1/2 banana, small handful of raspberries and the same of blueberries. 1 Tbl coconut oil

and a handful of pecans

5pm~dinner of beef roast, spaghetti squash and brocolli

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Crazy busy today!

B~3 scrambled eggs , a handful of pecans, coffee with clarified, pastured butter

L~wasn't home so a small handful of almonds

Snack in the car on the way home~a handful of cashews that I purchased at the store on my way home

Snack while waiting for dinner~carrot sticks and a kiwi

Dinner~roasted turkey, brocolli w/ clarified butter

I know this day has WAY too many nuts and not enough veg. We had NO food to pack and I was at a non Paleo friend's house all day, pickings were slim. I'm restocking the fridge today and tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow will be a vegie filled day!

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Make sure you are getting plenty of protein. Looks like you are getting enough fat with the nuts, butter and coconut oil, but I am not seeing a whole lot of protein. Remember, each meal should be based around your protein, add a bunch of veggies, then add some fat.

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Been crazy busy so I haven't gotten on here in a few days! We had a family reunion a few hours away on Sunday. Not expecting there to be anything Whole30 approved, I packed a cooler with some carrots, turkey, bananas, strawberries, almonds and a Larabar.(and boiled eggs, but those didn't get touched) Good thing I did too, because the only thing I could eat was some turkey that had been smoked that morning. My husband's uncle built a smokehouse! How cool is that! There were TONS of pasta dishes and lots of cookies. I am so glad I packed that Larabar so I had a treat to look forward to.

Been struggling with nuts!! First it was cashews, so once they were gone, I did not buy more. I keep mass quantities of almonds in the house for my teenage son, otherwise I struggle to get enough calories into him. I am trying to lose weight and certainly don't need the calories but can't seem to keep from grabbing a handful here and there throughout the day. I already had a handful today to finish off my breakfast which was WAY too much food. Luckily, I am using a free pass to a local gym today, so I will at least get a good workout in.

So far today, prepare to be shocked

~2 eggs cooked in a little ghee, 1 small zucchini sauted in a little olive oil, 1 kiwi and a handful of almonds and coffee with clarified Kerrygold(my first cup of coffee in DAYS!)

My plan for lunch, post workout is turkey, cucumber, jicama(I bought this for taco shells, it worked great!) and some carrot sticks. I have not liked ANY Whole30 approved salad dressings, so I've decided to skip the lettuce for the rest of the month and stick with crudite.

Dinner will likely be similar as my son is at camp, husband is working a close. It's just my daughter and me so I probably won't cook.(usually on nights like this we'd get sushi since the guys don't like it, but that's obviously not an option this time)

I'm going to have my husband put the almond canister on the top shelf so I can't get to it quite so easily. Luckily, I'm the shortest one in the house, so this may be an adequate deterrent.

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The day didn't go quite as planned, but still good. I wasn't hungry for my cukes and carrots at lunch, so they became a snack while making dinner.

Dinner~ground beef hash with onions, peppers, mushrooms and garlic w/ some roasted sweet potato.

Planning on some frozen banana later on this evening.

I got a lot more vegies in today, so I'm happy about that. Did not have any more nuts, so yeah! Not certain the banana is a great choice, but after spending the day working out in the heat, I'm really looking forward to it.

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Today was not very exciting

B~scrambled eggs and a carrot w/ coffee& clarified Kerrygold(this was necessary due to my 4:30am wake up for work, UGH!)

snack~homemade beef jerky

L~leftover beef from yesterday and jicama

snack~1 boiled egg

D~chicken thighs, lettuce and zucchini (not my best work, but it was quick and easy)

I'm jonesing for nuts, but I'm trying not to have any for the rest of my Whole30 since I don't seem to control them very well.

I'm not hungry, but I'd really like a "treat". Opting for more water instead and calling my eating day done.

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OK, I'm really bad at logging!

Yesterday was a family get together so

B~eggs and carrots

snacked on some almonds and a little fruit

L~beef hash with cabbage, carrots and onions, raw carrots and fruit

Got home too late for dinner, but I was hungry so again grabbed some almonds and a few prunes

This was NOT a good day for my eating and I woke up feeling icky, lethargic and blah!

I wasn't hungry at all when I dragged by butt out of bed at 5:30am, so no breakfast. I figure an IF after having too much sugar wouldn't be a terrible thing.

I'm hungry now, so will have some leftover hash and carrot sticks

Dinner is steak, roasted sweet potato "fries" and veggies

I really need to lay off the nuts and fruit, so I'm hoping to finish out my Whole30 without them.

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Today is my DAY 30!! I realize I have sucked at logging here, but my written log is much better.

Breakfast was late because I woke up too late to eat before work~eggs, carrots and half a banana(the banana was actually at work)

Lunch~leftover beef hash with spaghetti squash, carrots, cucumbers and a portioned out bit of almonds(this is my new portion control strategy~I have my husband hide them and then get me just a portion)

Snack~ok, new strategy not a complete success~got an extra bit of almonds, but then put them back where hubby "hid" them

Dinner~frittata with green pepper, onions and mushrooms, alongside roasted sweet potatoes and cauliflower.

I'm done eating for the day do my FIRST Whole 30 is done!!!

I will post my results on the other board!! Yeah!

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