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Glad you found an answer. Generally the best way to search is to use Google or your favorite search engine and search for Whole30 plus whatever you're looking for, or Whole30 forum plus whatever you're looking for. That will generally get you past forum discussions on the topic or official Whole30 info about it in the top few results. The in-forum search function is not very helpful.

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Girl, you have bad breath!

This is my second attempt at the Whole30 - I’m midway through and my partner (who is supporting me but not doing it with me) has mentioned twice in the past two days that I have unpleasant breath. I brush twice daily and floss every other day normally. I'm ready to start wearing a covid mask again so that I can "smell"
 my own breath, as I cannot tell that I am having an issue!

I plan to drink more water (I thought I was having enough); floss daily; and brush 3x daily.  Peppermint or mint / spearmint tea might also be added.

Oil pulling is another idea (swishing up to a tablespoon/25 mL of coconut oil or oil of your choice for 20 min) and then rinsing.

Munching on fresh parsley, mint leaves or chewing fennel seeds or cloves are other options.

I'm posting this in case anyone can make some other suggestions. 

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