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Wine Demon Silenced- A Work in Progress


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"Yup, Day 15 here and DH and I spent about half an hour last evening talking ourselves out of a glass of wine.

"We only go around once",

"We have had such a busy week between his work and my being home full time teaching the kids",

"We need some quiet, adult, relaxing time together",

"It's fun",

"We've been eating so well, what harm could it possibly do ???"

You name it, we hashed it out. Together.


"I'll be so upset with myself during the night if I wake up and lay there thinking that I caved"

"Lately we have not really felt well after drinking"

"Stomach cramps"


"We've done so well eating and exercising, why take a chance at ruining it?"

"Gotta get out of bed at 6:45 to get the family to Church"

"We have been sleeping pretty well- don't mess with it"

"It never ends in just ONE glass"

"We can stick to the rules- we've done it before"

Well, our talking it out worked, common sense and self-control won out. We ended up making seltzer in the Soda Stream, I squeezed a little bit from a fresh orange in it, and poured the bubbly mixture into two wine glasses. Not necessary, I know, but DH appreciated the effort.

Hopefully these sessions will be few and far between.

At least it worked, and we went to bed pretty happy with ourselves, we slept great, and no one was late for anything today !!!

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Hang in there. This is day 13 of my second W30. I've got a 1/4 bottle of very good scotch from Xmas waiting for me on day 31. I'll pick up a couple bottles of good red wine to set on the counter to look forward to eventually. It all comes down to will power and dedication to completing what you start.

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