Some of the recipes on this site don’t make sense

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The only "pasta" that is allowed on either the original or the plant-based Whole30 would be vegetables cut into pasta-like shapes. So, butternut squash cut into "noodles" using a spiralizer or mandolin. I'm not sure exactly what recipe you're talking about but if it involved pasta made from a mix of vegetables and some type of flour to form noodles, it is not compatible with Whole30. 

Plant-based Whole30 contains protein sources that are not allowed on the original Whole30, like soy and other legumes, because people who choose not to eat any animal-based items would not have enough protein options without those options. The original Whole30 still exists, and if you eat animal-based protein you can still do the original version. The plant-based Whole30 is a completely different program.

The Abbot's Butcher products that are allowed on the plant-based Whole30 meet the rules like no carrageenan and no gluten. Many of the meat substitute options available from other brands -- and even one of this brand's products -- do not meet these standards. These products give plant-based Whole30ers another option for a protein source. No one has to use them, even while doing a plant-based Whole30, it is just another option to make meal prep and planning a little easier. 

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2 hours ago, Ralf Pi said:

Thanks for shedding light on what butternut pasta is. As a new member of this forum, I also get confused about many recipes and ingredients. I highly suggest the members to describe products that aren't so popular on the market. A simpler way would be to provide other external sources with recipes/products description. As an example, healthy and delicious (removed link) comprehensively described on (removed link) If a member will decide to talk about wholesome pies, then the source provided by me would work perfectly as a reference.

Removed the links to pie that you included as they would be incompatible with the Whole30. As far as members putting descriptors of products you might not be familiar with, that is unlikely - you're welcome to ask for clarification on anything you're not sure of or use google to determine what the item is. 

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