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Newbie on DAY 11


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Help, please!  I read the timeline section of WHOLE30 which says days 10-11 are when many people give up.  I'm not giving up, but I must confess that my clothes are not fitting any differently at all.  My cravings for anything sweet have disappeared and that is a miracle, but my body doesn't feel any different.  I'm still bloated, but I don't wake up with headaches -- so, I guess I just need to hear from community that outward body change is around the corner -- I appreciate the internal changes, but really want my body appearance to improve.  Will WHOLE30 really help me look better in addition to feeling better or am I on the wrong track?

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Waking up without headaches is pretty amazing!

The thing is... Whole30 is an elimination protocol that for a vast majority of the people, reduces inflammation... often the body changes that people notice are due to this reduced inflammation or puffiness. If someone came to the Whole30 with a very Standard American Diet or eating a lot of sweets, ice cream, pasta etc... then they may also notice a reduction in weight but Whole30 is not a weight loss diet. 

the other thing is, the timeline is an estimate or guide, it's not exact for every person... Days 8 and 9 are the 'my pants are tighter' days and it sounds like you didn't experience that which is great! 

Keep the faith that you are on the right track - you're 1/3 through the program, keep going!! And maybe have a look at our Non Scale victories list and see if you can't find a few more things that are improved in the last 11 days :)


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