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Any suggestions for pre-workout meals taken just 30 min before HIIT workout?

I go to a gym class at 6:00 am. Up to now I have never eaten anything. Just drink water. I often will get heartburn if I eat beforehand, too close to the class. 
I was thinking maybe just the powdered protein? 

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Protein powder might work, that's pretty easy to digest.  You also don't have to have anything - if you regularly work out at 6am fasted and that works for you, there's nothing saying you have to change that.  For a lot of people, they need to switch from having something non compatible because they're used to eating before a workout so they need to find something new to replace their old item but if you are comfortable, your recovery is good, you feel stable and you're used to working out fasted, there's no reason you have to change that.

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