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Today is the first day of the whole 30 for myself and my spouse. Is there an easy way to navigate through the forum? I’m having a hard time and getting frustrated. I have never used forums. If you have any helpful suggestions I’d appreciate them. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to open and read them. Thank you all, Otilia

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If you're looking for specific things or answers to questions about if something is compatible or not, using google as a search engine is better than our integrated search tool.  Just type 'whole30 forum' and the item you're looking for into google - like 'whole30 forum can I have pasta' (nope).

Basic forum structure is umbrella categories such as 'Can I have', 'Troubleshooting', Recipes' and then inside each of those categories are individual threads that people have started and responded in about that particular item. So for instance, if the above google search didn't turn anything up (it will), you could go under the Can I Have umbrella and start a topic called 'Can I have Pasta' and then type a little bit of a post 'wondering if I can have pasta made from almond flour' (no) and then hit post and when someone responds back, you'll get a notification in the top right of your screen indicating a response.

Hope that helps

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