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Plant Whole 30 soy milk and soy protein


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I am starting the plant based whole 30 and I have a couple of questions.  Any insights would be great.

  • Do you know what brands of soy milk are whole 30 plant based complaint?
  • Do you know what brands soy protein are whole 30 Plant based complaint?
  • Do you know if Bob Redsmill Hemp protein is whole 30 Plant based complaint or an alternative if its not.
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If you haven't yet, if you go here: https://whole30.com/plant-based/ and where it says Download your Prep Pack, put in your email address, you can get a pdf file with a shopping list and rules and other info for the plant-based Whole30. It mentions some specific brands of proteins that you can have. 

For soy milk, you're looking for unsweetened versions with no carrageenan or sulfites or other non-compatible ingredients. I'm not sure exactly which brands, you'll need to check ingredients.

Hemp protein powder in general is ok, you'd need to check the ingredients to be sure any brand is not sweetened and doesn't contain other non-Whole30 ingredients. 

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