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Whole 30 Journey

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So today commences my Whole 30 journey.  I started by weighing myself before the day 1 and came in at 260 pounds.  I have done BMI and other analyses previously that say that my ideal weight is somewhere between 190-210 based on my height and body structure.  In recent years I have totally let my eating and drinking habits be undisciplined and almost downright rebellious, thinking I can still eat like a teenager and have the metabolism to support it.  I haven't felt my best physically, spiritually or emotionally in the last 10 years.  I know bad nutrition is a big cause of that so I made the decision and commitment to come here to the Whole 30 plan and community.

I want to write about my baseline here because yeah, this is somewhat of an experiment.  I would like to see how the baseline changes over the 30 days.

My current baseline:

  1. I am currently 260 pounds
  2. I feel lethargic and kinda depressed on a lot of mornings, usually hungover from a few drinks
  3. My energy levels are somewhat stable through day, but never really feel "great"
  4. Lot of aches and pains that I attest to getting older (I am in my late 40s)
  5. Lot of indigestion 
  6. Frequent acid reflux and heartburn
  7. My sleep sucks and I used to be a "professional sleeper".  I fall asleep rather easily and wake up mid part of the night having to pee then toss and turn the second half of night.  Wake up with aches and pains
  8. Body just feels inflamed
  9. My workout regimen is non-existent anymore because I feel NO energy by end of workday
  10. I DO have a very stressful job
  11. My passion about everything in life has pretty much become dulled and "whatever"
  12. Libido is meh
  13. I feel overweight.  Yesterday was the heaviest I have ever been.  My clothes fit as tight as they ever have.

Today is Day 1.  My wife and I did the Whole 30 grocery shopping over the weekend and meal prep.  I am fortunate that I have a very supportive wife who also happens to be an amazing cook and she is incredibly helpful already.

I am hopeful and also somewhat skeptical whether I start something again and then quit halfway through.  I am committed to the 30 days and am hopeful I see some amazing results and lifelong betterment of some old bad eating and emotional binge eating and drinking habits.

Here we go...........

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At the end of Day 1.  I started just fine.  The resistance immediately popped up after lunch and I was like, "What am I doing?"  I immediately after lunch wanted to quit already if I am honest.  Granted so much of my daily life revolved around certain food and drink habits that it's like a complete overhaul.   Felt kinda down and lethargic throughout the day.  Came home from work and took a little nap before I had my evening commitment.  At the end of the day and I am gonna take it one day at a time.  I guess the victory lies in that I finished the entire day under the program.  So...

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Day 2

So my sleep was noticeably better the first night.  I woke up and felt the slight hangover that is mentioned in the book, but that went away pretty quickly after a glass of water.  I was surprised at how resistant I was to the program the mid part of the first day.  I am not thrilled about giving up some of the things I like the most (pizza, wings, beer, cheese, creamer in my coffee), but like I said yesterday, I am taking this one day at a time because the  more I think about the 30 days and the sacrifices the more it makes me not want to finish it.  So, again, trying to live in the present each step along this journey instead of looking at the map.  Feel slightly better this morning.

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Day 2 - Evening

Today was easier than yesterday.  I have been telling myself to not focus on the 30 days of it and just show up each second and each minute rather that focus on the length of the program.  The thoughts do come still though that I don't know if I can or want to see this through the 30 days.  There are definitely reasons that I want to do it for my own betterment but also just for good health in general.  I do notice that eating the breakfast eggs and steak and then the approved sausage with some vegetables over lunch...I didn't have any junk food cravings and felt pretty satiated and not needing to eat a large quantity.  I did feel a little more centered emotionally throughout the day.  Honestly, I miss beer a lot.

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