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Is Glucono-Delta-Lactone allowed on Plant-Based Whole30?

Emily Steels

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Hi - In researching brands of tofu for the plant-based Whole30 program, I have discovered some brands (specifically Mori-Nu Tofu) contains Glucano Delta Lactone which is described as "a coagulant derived from non-GMO corn starch". Would that means this brands and others are not Whole30 compliant?

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20 hours ago, Emily Steels said:

Hi - just circling back to see if you received any feedback from HQ?  Thanks!  


Sorry, I wrote the entire answer on here the next day and it seems to have disappeared!

The short answer is that the additive is not specifically on our 'off limits' list so it's fine to consume on your plant-based Whole30.

The longer answer is that though it is typically derived from corn, it can be derived from any carbohydrate source through fermentation and it's impossible for someone to know where it was derived from when reading the package label.

Also of note, it's typically only used in 'silken' tofu so if you are using other variations of tofu, you probably won't find the additive.

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