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I had gastric bypass almost 12 years ago.  I've tried using coconut flour in the past and it binds so tightly in my pouch (what's left of my stomach) that it causes considerable pain.  I've used almond flour several times but I've heard that the exchange isn't 1:1.  Any suggestions?

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The exchange isn't 1:1 in some recipes because coconut flour is more absorbent than almond flour, so it can definitely affect the amount of liquid you'd need to use. In other recipes, for instance if you're just breading a piece of chicken or fish before cooking it, it may not make much difference. If there's a particular thing you want to make, I'd suggest looking for a version of the recipe that uses almond flour rather than coconut flour. Try googling the recipe plus the words almond flour, so for instance, chicken tenders almond flour. Enough people can't do coconut or don't like coconut that there's bound to be options out there.

You can totally do a whole30 without using any alternative flours if you want to as well. They add some variety to ways to prepare some foods, but they really aren't necessary. 

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