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Can I have these snacks?


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can I have these snacks on a plant based whole 30 program:

The Good Bean sea salt roasted chickpeas

Seapoint Farms toasted edamame

whole foods brand 365 sesame rice crackers 

Popcorn (organic air popped or skinny pop)

Or are these all considered processed foods and not allowed?




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Chickpeas and edamame are generally fine, you'll need to check the ingredients for particular products to check they don't have sweeteners, carrageenan, sulfites, or grains (like cornstarch).

The crackers are out, both because they're crackers and baked goods like bread and crackers aren't allowed, and because they're rice-based and rice isn't allowed because it's a grain and grains aren't allowed. Likewise, corn is considered a grain and therefore popcorn isn't allowed.

If you haven't already, go here: https://whole30.com/plant-based/ and click Download the Prep Pack. You'll need to enter your email address, but you'll get a pdf with all the plant-based Whole30 rules, a suggested shopping list, and a few recipes.

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17 hours ago, Stephanie3 said:

The Whole30 book says no chickpeas on page 16 so I’m confused by this post. Is there a way to do a search of some exhaustive list of foods you can and cannot eat?

The original Whole30 does not allow chickpeas.  The new Plant-Based Whole30 does allow chick peas.

The book you reference would be the rules for the Original Whole30.

Here are the rules for the PB Whole30



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