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Okay, here's my quandary. I plan on being on the whole30 for 54 days then I'm going to cheat because I'm going to a New York Mets game there's no way I'm not going to have a hot dog and a beer! Lol

So my question is if I do go off the whole 30 on that day how much will that knock me out of whack in terms of my body burning fat as fuel instead of sugar? Because after that I plan on going back on it. Please let the responses be based on science and actual facts and knowledge not just the assumptions. I appreciate everyone and good luck on your Whole30!

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Can I ask why you don't do 30 days on Whole30, and then your reintroductions? You could be completely done with reintroductions by the time you go to the game, and then this wouldn't be a cheat day, it would just be you practicing your food freedom, having a hot dog and beer on a special occasion because it's totally worth it to you.

Info about reintroduction:

Info about food freedom (the beginning is about the book by that name, but there's links to additional resources at the bottom of the page):


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