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Day 1 of Better Health


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I haven't done a successful Whole30 in too long.  Benefits I received were overall health, weightloss, less time being sick, less lupus rash flare up, better skin, etc.  Going to track meals here to see if I can get back to a whole foods lifestyle again.  I don't intend to follow the whole30 template and rules exactly because I have been there/done that and look to get back to health through my own route this time. I want to use this website for accountability- somewhere to post these "whole30-like" (but closer to "paleo-like") eating habits.  I hope that this will help me to eventually reach my goal of being ready to start another whole30 round.


unsweetened, organic applesauce 


gluten free, organic chicken nuggets (prepared from frozen)

grape tomatoes dipped in annie's thousand island dressing

2 or 3 servings of stir fry vegetables (prepared from frozen and tossed out the sauce packet into the trash).  Added my own spices and ate with cut up chicken nuggets.

almond milk (3 or 4 glasses)


SUNDAY 4/3/22


Apple and almond butter

Tuna patty made with almond flour and egg

grape tomatoes with annie's thousand island dressing

frozen veggies

Round steak, sweet potato, carrots]








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Today not so good.  

Food: Apple, banana, almond milk, culver's chicken sandwich (:(), anther banana, steak, baked potato, root beer, vanilla ice cream

The good: ate more fruit and protein than usual

The bad: Did not consume healthy fats, no veggies, fast food, pop, ice cream (bleh, whyyy)

Tomorrow I will get back on track.  I definitely have to cut out dairy.  Been sick with a cold forever.  Thought I was on the upswing, but then after ice cream I was going to bed tonight and all of a sudden I can't stop coughing. So dairy bad.  I know this but you know..temptation.  Want to get healthy/get over this cold.  Going to try to cut out dairy again.


Plan for Monday 4/4

2 eggs, and 2 sweet potato patties

grilled chicken breast and apple

salad with lettuce, chicken, olive oil and primal kitchen greek dressing

banana with coconut oil/cocoa powder/honey dip

orange la croix if I'm having cravings


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13 hours ago, ZitaM said:

banana with coconut oil/cocoa powder/honey dip

What is 'honey dip'? Honey would not be compatible on the Whole30.

As far as your meals, I would suggest that you're not eating enough and even more, you've not listed fat in these meals except the greek dressing. Have you see the meal template? It's linked in my signature below - try and make all your meals match the template for the best results.

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