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Day 22. Felt a spring in my step today, maybe a little roar of the tiger (finally!) . Had a stressful day at work and yet despite this I came home and did 3 hours housework as the house was looking really messy, then went to the gym and did a double class. 

I have a long day at work tomorrow, a long meeting which will generate lots of work and then a meeting after school, and then kids football with my son so it could be a tough day! Luckily I’m feeling good this evening so I will now go and do all my prep for tomorrow so it goes smoothly in the morning. 

food today: lots of protein! Roast chicken and veg at lunch, chicken at 4pm pre workout, then my dinner was pork steak and peas! Simple food but it was good. 

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Day 23. I struggled to get to sleep last night, due to exercising late and not eating much carbohydrate yesterday I think. However according to Garmin I slept well and I feel quite well rested. Gearing up for a busy day! My food today will be a tuna salad with mayo and olives, and for dinner I have some smoked fish and sweet potato mash- so quite a fishy day! 
No workout today, I am too busy and I always try to have a rest day mid week. But I may have a short walk later if my steps are low. 

genuinely feel like I am the only person on this forum in the whole world! Feel free to say hi if you are around! Have a good day 

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Pm update on day 23. Had a very long day today, but felt good. No fuzzy head or White Noise in my brain. Don’t feel exhausted or craving junk food or carbs. I had tuna salad twice today, but in the evening I added avocado and extra mayo for some calories as I felt like I’d not eaten enough. 

tomorrow I am on a training course in the morning and have a meeting in the afternoon. I will take my lunch to eat But may need to eat in my car! 

water is my biggest target this week, I’m just not drinking enough and I don’t think about it at work because I’m so busy, it’s only when I stop I remember. So I try to get a few pints in the morning and again in the evening. 

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Day 24. I woke up early at 5.45 and will go out for a run once I’ve drink my coffee. I’m sleeping well at the moment but if I could get a few more minutes each night, I think it would really help me feel great. 

Another busy day ahead. My dinner tonight will be a Turkey mince and mushroom meatloaf and I really need to eat some extra veg as well. This will give me leftovers to have for lunch tomorrow as well. 

I feel so much better than I felt when I started out. I re-read my entries and my journal, where I had written all my woes and aches and pains! These are all so much improved! I’m not going to stop at day 30, I think I am going to continue at least until I go on holiday on 28th May. I am feeling a lot better generally about myself, and weight is always a big issue for me but the relief of not compulsively weighing myself all the time is really good for me and my mental health. I had got myself into a real rut of punishing myself with junk food and feeling awful so even though I haven’t had the full ‘tiger blood’ feeling yet this time, that respite and clarity is really welcomed. 



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Day 25. Woke early again today, 5.40! It’s the only thing about w30 I don’t enjoy!

I’m feeling good though now I’m awake. I have (another!) really busy day ahead with lots of meetings scheduled. My food is prepped: I have meatloaf and sweet potato for lunch, and then chimichurri chicken for dinner. I’m going to try to get to the gym tonight but if it’s sunny I might go for a run instead. I’m aware that my appetite has really dropped away, I know I’m eating more protein this week and fewer carbs and the impact of that is that I don’t graze anywhere near as much and feel much more satisfied with my food overall.

as always, the weekend is looming. I find the weekends so much more challenging because food and drink is so central to our relaxation and fun. I am feeling very determined though and seeing results so that’s inspiring me to stick with it. 



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Day 26. Fri-YAY. This week has lasted 100 years! I felt really tired after work and dozed off on the sofa. Feeling hungry tonight and ate a fair bit of compliant food: fruit, meatloaf, nkd bar etc. I think just from a combination of exhaustion and waking early and probably not eating enough during the week. I’ve just eaten what I need tonight. I did a good workout, but haven’t made 10k steps today. 

tomorrow, doing my shopping for the week. I want to try some new recipes to have a push for the final few weeks.going for a run with my friend and it’s going to be sunny so it will hopefully be a nice weekend. 

I’m looking forward to weighing myself on day 31 but I think that’s the only think I’m going to reintroduce! 

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Sunday, day 28. I felt good today. Definitely feeling a little roar of the tiger now! Ran 5.5km and made good time, and other than that have had a nice relaxing day. I did some writing, something I love to do but I do have to feel right, it’s a sign that I am feeling good that I have managed to write something complete. 

another busy week ahead, with lots going on at work and Also lots of things with the children after school. I haven’t prepped any meals yet, just my mayo. Tomorrow I’ll take leftover meat from our roast and some salad although I have a lunchtime meeting so probably won’t get a chance to actually eat it. 

I’m looking forward to weighing in on day 31, I know that’s not the main focus but I am sure I have lost a few lbs. I tried on a skirt today that was too tight 3 weeks ago and it fitted really nicely so I think i have definitely slimmed down a little. 

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Day…. 31! And I didn’t even clock it was day 30 yesterday, probably because I’m only just really starting to feel the tiger roaring so I have no intention of stopping just yet. I am going to continue with w30 food all the way but I may have a glass of wine at the weekend after a loooooong week. I didn’t even weigh myself as I wanted to on day 31! So I suppose that’s a positive sign that I am feeling good because I wasn’t counting the minutes to end, and I am in no way interested in any kind of chocolate, bread, cheese tonight. So all good. 

So here’s my positives in case anyone else but me is reading this!: 

1) I’m feeling better. Much better. Non -specific wellness! 
2) no slump, no cravings, my appetite is massively tamed and I have lost that horrible binge/guilt thing I was doing on rotation daily. 
3) I am fairly certain I have lost weight because clothes fit me better and I just look slimmer 

4) more energy , less stressed when work gets tense and just feel better able to cope with everything. Sleeping better 

5) I am training harder, running slightly faster, and finding motivation to lift heavier weights or do an extra set. My recovery time is better, my hips don’t ache and I generally feel stronger and healthier. 

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Day 32. Weighed in this morning and I have lost 7lbs which I’m really pleased with and it is all off my stomach so I look much slimmer 

feeling  good, no plans to stop yet. I go on holiday in 10 days so will definitely keep it up til then. I may even continue while I’m away as it’s self catering at uk so no reason why I can’t just eat the way I have been at home. I will reintroduce wine though! 

Running with my friend tonight, food will be beef tikka curry and veg/salad 

overall, feeling really good and positive! 

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Congratulations, Rebecca001, on your successful Whole30! And on your consistency in journaling your experience here. It seems like hardly anyone uses this forum anymore, huh?

I did my first Whole30 five years ago, and I've continued do one annually in the spring. My first year there were quite a few people posting on the forum but coming back now I wonder where everyone is--maybe migrated to Whole30 social media accounts?

Anyway, just wanted to let you know you're not (completely) alone here, and to say congrats!

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