Ways to use up homemade mayo

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Hello All!  Recently discovered the beauty of homemade mayo.  I love this to make tuna salad to either eat by itself or over some greens.  However, I can’t eat tuna every day and the homemade mayo only lasts 7 days so how do you all go about using up your mayo before it goes bad?  I never really used mayo except for egg/tuna/chicken salad and then on sandwiches.  With your sandwiches available now, I’m struggling to use mine up.

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I like to dip roasted vegetables in it. If you don't think plain mayo sounds good for that, combine the mayo with some compliant pesto, or some herbs to make a ranch-like dip, or some hot sauce and horseradish for something like a remoulade. Or google Whole30 mayo-based sauces and I'm sure you'll find other options.

You can also put it on fish or chicken before baking.

Deviled eggs could be an option too.

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On 4/8/2022 at 9:03 AM, uijallen said:

homemade mayo only lasts 7 days

Homemade mayo should actually last as long as the expiry date on the egg you used (unless you've mixed other things into it). 

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