How long does it take the body to become "Fat-Adapted?"


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Just wondering because I think my bod is totally shocked from being fed utter garbage all throughout December to good (but more and higher fat) food in January.

So I think I may be gaining weight/bloated but I'm wondering if maybe this is a normal feeling until the body goes, ahh I can use all this fat here for everyday, low intensity activities!

It would also be good to get to that point where I can go more than 4 hours without eating if I have to. Not there yet :(

I'm just curious about this transition in general.

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I wish I could help out, but I'm just starting my first Whole30. I don't feel bloated physically, but mentally I feel like, "woah holy hell I'm eating a lot I must be getting fat!". I think that it's just the mean-little voice inside of my head saying that, because I always used to eat very small portions for all of my meals and snack a lot. So trying to eat the portions for an appropriate Meal One/Meal Two/Meal Three feels like I'm eating way more food than I used to (and my silly inner-voice is going more food = more weight, which I intellectually know is not true, since I'm eating more vegetables as food and not eating all the candy/junk food I used to graze on).

But I definitely agree on the getting to the point where 4 hours between eating anything is comfortable and normal. I've been doing the Whole30 for 14 days now, and still haven't gotten one strong day where I could go without eating anything in between. I think it will take way more than 30 days to break me of my snacking/grazing habits.

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The pace of becoming fat adapted varies. Some may get there within 30 days, some may take longer.

You are not overeating and becoming fatter if you are following the meal template. Most people lose some weight while doing a Whole30, but many people feel like something is wrong along the way.

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Very good list on MDA :)

I measure my blood for glucose & blood ketones for my doctor (for tracking of progress), my blood sugar is more stable and my blood ketones higher when fat adapted (for me, I need ketosis, I'm insulin resistant and my blood sugar is pretty sensitive to spiking). I also notice that I'm hotter in temperature, but not everyone will have that, don't worry if you don't.

I wake up very fast when fat adapted, no foggy head for 2 hours like I used to have.

Where I notice it most though, is exercising. I used to "hit the wall" and feel like I was going to collapse, don't get that anymore.

I'm more energised at the end of the day too, need to get careful not to get too stuck into an activity when I should be getting ready for bed :D

Keep in mind if you have a sugar load at some point, it can kick you out (or just slow you down a little) of your fat adaptation. However you should get back into it quicker than the first time (less stored stuff to get rid of). If your metabolism has been abused though, this can take awhile.

I also find my fat adaptation is impacted when I'm sick, I get a foggy head, crave fruit and my blood levels change, even when my diet hasn't.

Some people do better on a much higher fat percentage, but try the full Whole30 before you do any tweaking :)

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I've been noticing that I'm warmer and not hitting a wall exercising. Actually, I have to stop myself from working out because I need to get ready for the day whereas before I was MORE than happy to be done with it. I'm not sure that means I'm fat adapted but perhaps I'm headed in the right direction!

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I'm not Tom, obviously, but here is a good read http://www.marksdail.../#axzz2I6TiJLSe

Mark lists the signs at the bottom of the article.

I really enjoyed this article; it sounds like you're doing great Kaleena!

I don't think I'm there yet though, and it may take a lot longer for me to get there. I probably still don't eat enough at my three main meals, because I've realized that I tend to eat every 2-3 hours. I eat Meal 1 around 7, then I'm definitely hungry by 9 or 10, eat again at 12, then hungry again around 3, then hungry again around 5:30, etc. I used to never notice this, but I'm trying to keep track of it on the Whole30.

If being fat-adapted means being able to go more than 3 hours without eating, and possibly even skipping meals if needed, I'm not there at all. I get super hungry and ravenous and also crave sugar/snacks still. I probably need a Whole100 to break my sugar-addiction! >.<

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