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Hungry During the Whole30

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Hello, I am a high schooler, and have become very excited and interested in natural nutrition for my dogs for a long time. It started with a raw diet for them, and when I realized that they were eating better food than I was, I decided I should probably get on some kind of whole food trend. When I found the Whole30, I jumped right on board. I did my first Whole30 about 5 months ago. I enjoyed it, and out of my whole family, I was the only one who made it to the end. 

After falling susceptible to cravings gradually after my whole30, I decided to start again to get back on track. My second Whole30 which I plan to start tomorrow, my mom is considering trying again with me. Since she didn't make it last time, and I really think it would benefit her, I want to help set her up for success. Her biggest issue last time, was that she said she was always hungry. Is there a reason why she might have been hungry on the whole30? We basically ate the same meals, I added fiber and fat and serve large quantities. I was never hungry other than "false hunger" sugar cravings. Any ideas why this might have happened, and how to avoid it this time? 

Thanks for the help! I'm excited to start Whole30 #2, and appreciate the help. 

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Everyone is different and needs different amounts of food, so she might need more than you do. She might also not have been adding fat to her meals, if it was served separately, because many people grew up hearing that fat is bad for you and have a hard time allowing themselves to eat it.

Have her look at the meal template, and stress that it is the minimum amount of food she would need, but that it is absolutely OK to have larger servings if she needs to. (You can download the meal template here: https://whole30.com/pdf-downloads/)


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