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Hi all,

I've tried Whole30 in the past and made it 15 days :) So far I've been awake 4 hours and doing good. I look forward to reading your posts, recipes, etc. I have been eating relatively healthy for a few years but recently had a little life shake up and decided to use it to focus on myself. 

About me: female, mid-40s, work full time, gym 4-5 days per week (combination Hypertrophy/CrossFit). I managed a gym for a bit over 5 years and was also a coach. I have competed in the sport of physique, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and done just about every type of nutritional plan (macro-based, calorie counting, paleo, keto, etc.). If I can be of help just ask. I have let all of my certifications expire but have held CSCS, CF Lvl 2 and Kids, and USAW performance.

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