Bloated after every meal after finishing Whole 30!

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I completed my third whole 30 and this was by far the most successful one I’ve done as far as staying the course. So far ive unintentionally lost 3 pounds. I’m 5’0 109lb (at the start), so that’s a significant drop for me and is very noticeable. I reintroduced a very small slice of pizza three nights ago and I’m still feeling bloated and gained all the weight back. I’ve only eaten whole 30 since but my bloating won’t budge. I’ve taken more magnesium and have been drinking lots of water and eating extra fiber etc. Has anyone else had this issue or can comment on this? I want to achieve food freedom and not do whole 365 but I feel like I just completely reversed my whole 30 with one slice of pizza. Help!! 

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Had you reintroduced wheat and dairy after your previous w30’s? Sounds like you’re very sensitive to either or both! You won’t have undone 30 days hard work, just go back to w30 for a few days and it will go. It sounds like you should reintroduce them separately to find out which one caused the bloating feeling so you can avoid it in future.

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