Whole 30 take 2- 4 years later

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T-2 days until I start and I’ve been eating as compliant as possible so far. Started the day after I mentally made the commitment but chose an “official” start date since I know I have plans involving food tomorrow. It’s been amazing. I have been feeling great but when I discovered an ingredient I was using had dextrose (surprise!) I wasn’t heart broken, I just cut them out. I’ve prepped veggies, some mayo and bought all the meat. Beyond ready to start counting days and trying new recipes and sauces.

side note- first time doing this while not being broke. Beyond pumped for the sauces, nut pods, bacon etc I couldn’t swing last time.

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It definitely helps not to be broke! I'm on Day 10, and my grocery bills are soaring (not just because of inflation!). On the other hand, I suppose I'm saving by not buying wine, going out for expensive cocktails, etc., so maybe it all balances out.

Good luck, and enjoy your new recipes!

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