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Temptation Weekend, I kicked your ass!!


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I just need to brag... :)

I'm currently on Day 7 & ate clean throughout what I think will be (hopefully) my toughest days of my W30.

1st success: Friday night was date night with hubbie (our 1st in awhile as we have 2 LO's under 3). Went to the movies after dinner - no snack or drink (whereas we would normally always "treat" ourselves to movie popcorn since we seldom go anymore).

2nd success: Saturday night dinner at a steakhouse with my sisters to celebrate "little" sister's bday. Watched them enjoy a bottle of zinfandel :( while I drank my soda water with olives. I ordered a 12 oz medium rare steak that honestly, was the best steak I have ever had. It was cooked perfectly but I think not having indulged in the bread or an appetizer beforehand made it that much better. I threw in a side of king crab legs (Yummm...), steamed asparagus with salsa. I ate a lot, but all compliant. I watched my sister eat her chocolate caramel-y cake with some jealousy but overall I was satisfied.

3rd success: By this point I was thinking, "God, this is getting hard!" - my daughter's 1st birthday celebration :wub: . We ordered pizza for the crowd & hubbie BBQ'ed up some chicken thighs. A nice salad & some veggies with homemade bab ganouoj. Even the pizza eaters were raving about the delicious chicken thighs. Go figure! The hardest part was serving up the bday cake, cheesecake & chocolate ice cream without licking our fingers...

We sent our guests home with the leftover pizza & cake.

I do feel a tinge of guilt for not having had a bite of my baby girls 1st birthday cake but I don't think she minded much :P . In fact, she didn't care for her 1st taste of cake all that much. She much prefered the chicken. :)

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Thanks Kirsteen & Pomme! Despite the restrictions, it was actually the best weekend I've had ina long time. With 2 young ones, I never get to get out that much.

Now that I think of it, I probably would have enjoyed myself if I had had a glass of water & a celery stick. ;)

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