IBS “cured” with whole 30 but why?

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So. I have IBS-D. Eggs are a big trigger. Coffee. Now peanut butter and mayo. But every time I do a whole 30- I have NO ISSUES! None! I drink coffee with eggs for breakfast and nothing happens! Why?!?! Me and you doc are so confused! I can eat 8 eggs a day and not get sick. Help! I really want to know if I do it long enough- maybe I can cure myself?? Anyone out there got some ideas what’s happening or have had permanent relief with a longer whole 30? Thanks!

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Well that's great that you get relief when you're on Whole30.  I'm not a doctor so I couldn't say for sure why but I surmise that because IBS is an autoimmune disease which is impacted by inflammation, when you remove the inflammatory foods (grains, legumes, dairy, soy, sugar), you're lowering your inflammatory load.  Also, again, not a doctor here but it's possible that eggs for instance, react in YOU with something you eat off Whole30 (toast as an example).  When you remove that toast, maybe your body doesn't consider the eggs a problem... 

The best way to go forward is to do the re-introductions.  Really take your time with them and use it as a science experiment to figure out what your triggers are... What you're going for is a WholeKellyK. On a WholeKellyK, you know that you can eat eggs and mayo when you're not eating xyz, but toghether they're a problem.  Or that abc never works for you but in small doses blah blah does... It's going to be an investment in time and effort but if you can figure out how your particular body responds to foods, then you've essentially beat IBS, regardless of whether its 'cured' or not... 

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