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No side effects- afraid I'm doing something wrong

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Good afternoon, 

Hi, I am a professional dancer and personal trainer doing my first Whole30. Over the pandemic I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and that combined with the drastic changes in our routines (ie. no more dance classes, performances etc) I gained 10-15 pounds despite still running and lifting weights. I am only on day four of the program but I'm surprisingly not having any detox symptoms. I'm no stranger to shifting my diet from time to time and what a shock to the body that can be.  When I have tried ketonic diets before for instance, I found it impossible. I was hungry constantly, unable to shift to fat adapting and when I inevitably broke down and ate carbohydrates, I would feel incredibly ill. As such, I was expecting to go through the expected carbohydrate withdrawl, especially since I am still training. 

While I do eat fairly well and I don't care for sweets, I don't eat things with added sugar except for the added sugar in, well everything like condiments etc (how did I not notice that sugar is in everything?!) and I always prioritize a lot of vegetables, I am by far a perfect eater. I love bread and pasta, I drink wine nearly every night, cheese is a staple and I probably don't eat enough protein.

This is all to say AM I DOING SOMETHING WRONG? I'm eat a few strawberries every day in the evening but even in terms of sugar from fruit or starchy vegetables- I'm not really eating them. I haven't had a potato yet for instance.  

In a weird way, not having the experience of detoxing is kind of de-motivating and makes me feel like quitting?!? HELP.

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Some people don't have those symptoms, some have only mild versions of them, and some have a really awful time for the first few days of their Whole30. We can't always predict who will experience what. All of these experiences are fine, it doesn't mean you've done anything wrong, and it doesn't mean this isn't working for you. You've just been lucky to not experience some of the worst symptoms some people do. Keep on doing what you're doing.

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