June 9 start for this first-timer

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Hello community! Planning now and will be starting on Thursday. Have a month off between jobs and will be re-introducing around my birthday. About to clean out my pantry. Picking up some healthy whole groceries tonight. One of my bigger changes will be around the Blue Apron meal kit service. I am going to have to put it on hold during the program. Hoping my partner will be able to cope with less starchy dinners!

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I might slide in with you,  here and there...so I can take a trip down memory lane.  Eight years ago,  on June 9th,  we had a group that went on for several years.  It was nostalgic and sooo much fun.  I went back through my reintro thread today,  all 160 pages.   I can't believe some of the things I said.  Wholey Moley.    :D



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Are you out there?   I contacted  Deb, maybe she'll join us.  She is an amazing resource and a food celebrity out there in Hollywood.  ;) I'm geared up and rarin' to go.  

This is a special day, so  I renewed all of my subscriptions in tribute to the June 9th Whole 30.   I had whopping boatloads of all kinds of greens at lunchtime with roasted chicken.   Eggs and homemade hash browns with tri-colored peppers at breakfast. 

I wish the foods that rob us of our self-control didn't have such a powerful pull.  Food manufacturers spend millions researching how to make their foods irresistible but we're stronger than that.   I generally don't eat between meals and less interfacing with snackity foods works for me.   I hope it works for you, too.

Remember not to let the scale get to you because it is not the WHOLE picture.  Yeehaw.  Let's gooooo.

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Hi! I'm new here. Starting June 27.  I realize I'll be behind everyone, but you seem like a fun group. I hope to see some lessons learned. I'm still reading through the book, so still learning about what I  can and can't eat.  Based on all of my research, I believe I have leaky gut, and I suffer horrible allergies. I'm excited to see if Whole 30 will help. Cheers!

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I am here.  We've had a massive high water event that is still ongoing.   Let's just call it a flood.  They're calling it the 1000 year flood.   I'm cooking for first responders and working my head off.   I'm still here and checking in.  Don't you worry about me,  I will remain forever compliant without complaint.  That's just the way I roll and I know Melissa likes that.

Catch you on the flip-flop.

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On 6/15/2022 at 2:41 AM, Vickina said:

Hi! I'm new here. Starting June 27.  I realize I'll be behind everyone

No worries there. I will be starting on 1st July. So I will be just behind you. 

Ordered the book yesterday, so just waiting for that to arrive. 

I have been off alcohol for 8 weeks today.

Have radically cut down on dairy and gluten intake in anticipation of coming off entirely  

My naturopath has put me on a dairy and gluten free meal plan for gut health, and Whole30 looks to be the best program I can follow to achieve that goal 


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