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I am on Day 27 and for the past couple of days,  anytime I eat a meal I have intestinal distress. I am following the program rules perfectly. It’s very similar to the way it was the first week or so. At that point, I cut back on the raw vegetables and nuts and things improved for a couple of weeks but then it started again. At this point, I figured my gut would be well on the road to health and I wouldn’t have these problems again. I am going to cut out nuts for the remainder of my Whole30 but could there be any other reason for this? Am I just an anomaly? This is the only problem I am having. 

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You are not alone on that. Im on day 30 and have been having stomach problems pretty much the whole time. The last 2 weeks I cut out eggs and the final week Ive also cut nuts and fruit in an attempt to help, but no success. Didn't think these issues would be consistent on a strict diet of meat and veg.


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