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Can anyone explain the reason that dijon mustard made with white wine is not allowed? I get why you can't drink wine, but when it's used for flavoring food and all of the alcohol is cooked out, I don't see how it's that different from vinegar from a nutritional standpoint. I'm not trying to be combative, it just doesn't make sense to me and I am hoping someone can explain it.

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The goal is to keep the rules as easy to follow as possible, and exceptions to the rules make it more difficult. If it was allowed in mustard, someone would come along with another exception -- "well, then why can't I cook with wine, how is that different?" "What about wine spritzers, it's diluted with club soda?" And then instead of a really clear, no wine, rule, a line would have to be drawn somewhere, and people would keep questioning why *that* was an OK amount, but just a little more wasn't. 

The Whole30 is 30 days, plus reintroductions. For that period of time we ask you to follow the rules. After that, you should be making your own rules based on what works best for you, which can include Dijon mustard with wine, or ketchup with sugar, or whatever you want it to include.

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