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Day 8 - GI Issues, Hungry, and grossed out

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This is my second Whole30. I did it about 10 years ago for the first time. I didn’t like how meat heavy it was then and I’m finding myself in the same situation now. I feel like I’m going to get gout :P It’s really grossing me out and makes me feel heavy, greasy inside, and occasionally nauseated. 

Yet, I am also very hungry. I’m getting grumpy about eating because it’s so limited, most flavors are unappealing or too much work (especially now that I have 2 kids.)

The only reason I’m doing this again is because I have IBS and it’s been flaring up. While my stomach has been feeling a little more settled, I have not had a good BM since I started the program. I know it’s TMI but very relevant to me. Everything has been very soft. 

Im not interested in the plant based Whole30 bc it seems even more restrictive and some of the ingredients are hard to find near me. I am looking to try the Whole30 with FODMAP (or just switch to FODMAP) if my GI stuff isn’t improved in another week. 

mostly wanted to vent because this is hard for me and I don’t like it. My energy has been more stable. There are some pros but, overall, this sucks rn. Haha 

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Keep going!! The reason you’re back is because you know it works so this is great for someone like me to read!! :D

It is definitely hard with kids, too many easy foods for them but I’m trying to incorporate more of the whole 30 foods into their diets too. Grilled fish, try meaty fish like cod or tuna steaks. I feel they fill me up more. 

how’s your bloating and BM going? Any improvement since your post? 

also I’m curious, what are your other pros that you mentioned? 

don’t forget the timeline of what to expect! I keep revisiting that to make sure I’m not going crazy :)

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