Day 13 severe histamine response—help

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Felt sniffly, lethargic, heat intolerant, headaches starting day 5, On day 12 went fishing and had a great meal of fresh caught salmon—gorged on it after forgetting to bring my whole30 approved lunch on the river. Day 13, woke up w/full body hives, facial swelling, severe stomach cramping. Called my PCP who said it sounds like a histamine crisis— advised to take 50 MG Benadryl q6hr and omeprazole (Prilosec) 20MG q12h, avoid high histamine foods, go to ER if trouble breathing starts, and they can see me in 2 days. I know fresh caught fish is supposed to be low histamine but my doc says she sees a few cases per summer from folks eating fresh caught salmon.

Core Foods:

Protein: eggs, chicken, fresh caught Alaskan silver salmon (caught and cooked by me so I know there’s nothing weird added), canned Alaska salmon ( caught and canned by me), chicken, turkey

Fruits/veggies: citrus, banana, grapes, strawberries, cloudberries (foraged), blueberries (foraged), raspberries (foraged), raisins, dried mango, potatoes )russet and sweet)

Fats: coconut oil, cashew butter,  walnuts, avacado 

Other: pickles, vinegar, green tea, coconut milk and macadamia milk, bone broth   


Migraines, stress hives (and stress induced eczema and shingles), constant sniffles (no allergies) and temp regulation issues have been a think for me since I was a kid. My theory is that my whole30 food choices are mostly high histamine and the salmon put me over the top. 


Day 14 now, hives are better, but muscle cramping is severe, cant keep down anything whole 30 approved except bone broth- tried sweet potatoes, bananas, eggs. Concerned for my health and If I dont get food in soon I’ll have to go to ER (per doc). All I want is some saltines. If I go to the hospital they’ll do IV rehydration (has sugar) and I’ll have to start over anyway. Whole30 has been incredibly challenging but I stuck with it, but I’ve never been this sick in my life and dont know if its time to throw in the towel for health reasons. 

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I'm sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately this is not really something that we can necessarily help you with here on the forum -- we aren't medical professionals and this is really beyond what knowledge we have.

Normally for people who are ill and having trouble keeping food down we would recommend bland foods like broth, sweet potatoes, plain chicken, or baked potatoes, but you've already tried that. At this point I think it's probably more important that you eat something than that you stick to Whole30. 

If you decide to try Whole30 again in the future, you might want to research low-histamine foods to try to avoid a similar reaction.

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Maybe someone will weigh in here with their own stories, I wouldn't be surprised if there are others out there. In the meantime, I remembered reading this article from a few years ago, I don't know if it will have anything new for you or not, but it's one of the first places I really heard about histamine intolerance:

I do hope you find some answers and figure out what works for you.

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