Shelf-stable emergency food?

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I'm looking for, as the title says, shelf-stable emergency food. Not "emergency food" like "I'm stuck late at the office," but like, "there's been a hurricane or a war or a pandemic and I'm stuck in my house for three months." Now, Melissa does have a page for that too: The Whole30 Community Preparedness Guide, but I'm dissatisfied with the options given, as they're not generally shelf-stable. I'm looking for something like or, but, you know, not filled with crap. Actually these are two different categories, and I'd like both: the first to throw in my pack and my car, the second to keep in my basement.

These do not need to be strictly Whole30 compliant; I'm looking for "food freedom" survival food options that are not stuffed full of sugar and carbs, but are nonetheless shelf stable for at least 5 years. 

Does anyone know where to buy, or how to make, such things?

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I'm not sure exactly how long they'll last, but some of the camping/hiking discussions on the forum might have ideas -- this one mentions some freeze dried meals: 

Hopefully some other people will chime in with ideas.

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