Tamara's Dirty Thirty! Aka my first Whole 30


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A bit of a rocky start, but started nonetheless. My husband and I are trying to do the Whole30 together. We're both struggling mightily with cravings (mine for sugar, his for salty carbs), and he did rail against me for not letting him have his usual sandwich and chips for lunch, but other than that we did ok.

Breakfast: eggs and sugar free chorizo sausage

Lunch: Homemade Pho Bo

Dinner: more pho and prosciutto frittata "muffins"

I was actually making the muffins for breakfast tomorrow, but a couple got eaten tonight. At least it wasn't a complete Faileo. Wish me luck!

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Where's the veggies?! Palm size (or 2) of protein, fill rest of plate w veggies, one or two thumbs of fat is the general meal template. Add a little fruit, and perhaps starchy carbs (sweet potato,etc) so long as they don't displace your veggies.

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