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Mary Peterman

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My vitamins and supplements including calcium are chewables with 3 grams sugar. I can’t swallow pills. Should I discontinue all vitamins and supplements for 30 days?  The goal of the Whole30 program is to give up sugar altogether right?  I take probiotics, calcium, vitamin C, and CoQ10 as chewables. Thank you. 

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If you've been directed by your doctor to take them, you can continue to take them because doctor's orders always take precedence over Whole30 rules.

If they aren't something your doctor told you to take, you would need to stop them for your Whole30.  Youb might look into foods that can help make up for not taking the supplements. For instance, fermented foods like sauerkraut or kimchi could help replace the prebiotic. Leafy greens can help with the calcium. Citrus fruits are good sources of vitamin C. It looks like CoQ10 is in oily fish like salmon.

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