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Essie Orlando

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Hey everybody, I turn 75 tomorrow and have no experience with how to use a forum. If i don't do this right, please excuse me. 

I know someone who does a type of nutritional counseling (my term) and have come to be skeptical. Her background is in something completely different, and she took a short-term course online, then got "certified" by a branch of the same company that ran the school and then she set up a business. This type of business is not regulated by the government or even recognized by any government, from local on up. She advocates eliminating groups of foods from people's diets and other parts of her "plan" that are contrary to what my doctor, and I mean my MD., recommends. I should say that her recommendations scare me, AND she is a relative.

Sooo, I tried searching this forum to find Melissa's qualifications and whether a medical doctor is involved in this business in any significant way. I may not have searched well, as I am new to this, but I found no information. I wonder when I hear about eliminating a number of foods, how medically sound the diet is. Can anyone tell me if Melissa is a dietician, nurse, doctor, or has any other recognized medical training? I feel diet and nutrition are very important and I suppose the people on this plan would think that too, or they wouldn't be trying to change their diet. Has anyone found information on this topic, ie: whether Melissa has any official medical/nutritional training and certification?



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Melissa is a certified sports nutritionist. On the Whole30 team are dieticians and nutritionists, however we always say that you should talk to your doctor about changing your diet and a doctor's recommendations trump ours 100% of the time.  That said, this is a 30 day elimination diet and there is very little science about how not eating dairy or grains for 30 days would be detrimental to one's health in general.  The program is not suggesting that you remove all these foods from your diet forever, jut that you remove the most commonly inflammatory ones and then add them back in strategically to see how your body deals with them. You may find that none of the foods bother you, or you might find that dairy for instance isn't a great choice for you most of the time.

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