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My attempt at a Whole100 went by the wayside with a holiday/work trip that went completely awry. So back home, and starting again. Going to do a Whole104 (effectively 15 weeks) between 16 January to 30 April inclusive.

So why this long? Given the hormonal and sugar/wheat problems I have, I just don't think a Whole30 is going to cut it. However, given I can get a little OCD with a 'all or nothing' approach, I am also going to take a leaf out of http://whole9life.co...not-perfection/ and not get stressed out if I find I eat something with sulphites in it when eating out - after all, giving myself 15 weeks of this!

I will attempt to use this log as a reminder of my goals (which is so easy to forget when stress takes over and everything all feels too hard).


  • to be fit and healthy by my 41st birthday in April
  • overcome mood swings based around sugar and refined carbs (I am not a very nice person when strung out on sugar!)
  • stop using sugar and refined carbs to deal with stress, frustration and boredom
  • improve my hormonal balance - I am sick of being tired and wound up all the time
  • stop the bleeding: bleeding gums, nosebleeds and spitting up blood in the morning
  • put an end to chronic neck and shoulder pain (this would be a huge benefit)
  • to be more social again
  • to stop feeling angry and irritable with everything
  • lean out and lose some body fat (would love to see a body composition change to lose the weight I have put on over the past couple of years, but recognise that if I am healthy, my body composition will look after itself)
  • just to feel better: I know I feel better when I eat clean, I just need to give up the 'instant gratification fix'

A lot to gain from doing this properly - but need to give myself time to achieve this!

My plan is to track what I eat, how I feel emotionally and physically, and any changes/improvements I can see each day. I have a countdown chart at my desk so I can track the days. Hopefully once I get a streak going, it will be extra incentive not to break it!

Here goes!

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Welcome back! I wish you every success! I am finding the 100 both easy and hard..... Easy because 100 days is such a long time I dont even think beyond to when I can technically have non compiant food again.... Hard because my body/mind/stomach is still rebelling and falling in and out of balance and I cant see that I am making any real progress.... but at least what ever happens balance wise I know the food I am feeding my body is 100% nutritious and while I am having cravings etc its not for junk food only for fruit and nuts and cocoa

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Day 1: 16 January

Sleep: just under 8 hours. Need to improve on this, as waking up tired and fatigued. I ended up having a nap in the afternoon - I am exhausted.

M1: Leftover slow cooked beef and sauerkraut

M2: Finished off the leftover slow cooked beef and sauerkraut (had to be finished off today!)

M3: Broccoli fritters with kale chips and cup of bone broth

Activity: 20 min walk outside for sunshine on waking. Too tired to do anything else.

Physical: felt exhausted today. Felt better after the nap and getting some sun in the afternoon. Bleeding gums and sore neck and shoulders as usual. Felt hard to concentrate and work today.

Emotional: definitely a day of wanting to be alone. My mood improved during the day, and felt better as the day wore on.

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I was in the office yesterday so well and truly air conditioned. I liked going outside though as I am always so cold, it was nice to be hot for a change! I have four days of no commitments (today through to Monday), and looking forward to it. Makes it much easier to stay on track - less stress and no having to explain! You have any plans for the weekend?

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Kids athletics starts again tomorrow.. I have dinner out tonight and tomorrow at homes not restaurants at least but I prefer my own cooking lol. I have Monday off which is rare but not feeling very inspired at the moment... Might have a nap and see if that helps... Haven't had any nuts or coconut today or yesterday and have had 8 hours sleep 4 nights in a row, haven't exercised since wed but severe cramps this morning told me to have another recovery day from this stomach flu I think I have...

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