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Choosing between the regular and plant based whole 30

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Hello! I am planning on partaking in a Whole 30 program, but am having a difficult time choosing which one. I typically eat a primarily plant based diet. I do, however, eat eggs and will have some poultry and fish throughout an average month, and I saw that in this case, the recommendation is to do the regular Whole 30 program. In terms of how often I eat these: 2-4 times for poultry, and 1-2 times for fish per month, on average. I do not, however, prepare these dishes at home (I buy pretty much only vegetarian ingredients for home cooking), only having them when cooked by family/friends or at a restaurant. So I am wondering if doing the regular Whole 30 would be too different for my system, since it seems like you have to eat quite a bit of meat and seafood throughout the 30 days? Or is it possible to do the regular Whole 30 and still be fairly "light" with meat and seafood? I'd appreciate any advice you can provide. Thanks! 

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There have been people who have done a regular Whole30 using only eggs as their protein, and there have been pescatarians do it using only fish and eggs, so it is possible.

I think the biggest reason to try the original Whole30 is summed up in this quote from this article .


If you are comfortable eating two animal protein sources (like eggs and salmon, or all varieties of fish and shellfish), we’d encourage you to complete the Original Whole30, perhaps also utilizing compatible plant-based protein powders to ensure adequate protein intake. The Original program will afford you the greatest learning opportunity, and the ability to test out a wider variety of plant-based protein sources (including legumes, lentils, soy, and peanuts) to determine how well they work for you in your food freedom. Feel free to consume only plant-based fats during your Original Whole30–there are plenty to choose from.

Really, though, it is up to you. You might learn something new from eliminating and reintroducing foods you already eat regularly, but if that's not really what you're hoping to get out of doing a Whole30, that may not be important to you. If you're really just looking to clean up your diet by removing added sugars and more processed foods, you may prefer to stick to the plant-based Whole30.

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