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Heart Issues

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Hello, It's been a long time since I first did Whole30...before breast cancer, t2 diabetes, and chronic heart failure, 2nd time had a minor heart

attack which was last late August 2021.  I'm recovering from the heart failure and was able stop injecting insulin and taking meds although when my 2nd heart

failure occurred last August 2021 I was put on Metformin as my blood sugar was on the high side.  I'm now trying to get off it with better eating habits.  My question is this:  Am I still able to do Whole30?  I don't want to jeopardize my recovery and I couldn't find anywhere where I could directly contact Whole30 so I'm hoping to get an answer and direction from the community.  Thanks in advance.

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Hi there!

Welcome back!

Please speak to your care team (PCP, Cardiologist etc) regarding the program.  You can take the rules and the template with you as well as potentially your own proposed meal plan... you've done this before so think back to what you ate last time.

We are not medical professionals and even reaching out to Whole30 headquarters would get you the same answer - you should speak to your doctor about any diet changes when you are also concerned about ongoing and serious medical concerns.  I personally cannot see how eating three whole food meals a day is going to jeopardize your recovery but it's something you need to work out with your medical professionals.

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