Non dairy shelf stable options at Costco

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You may get some responses here, but you might want to try the Costco website  -- it's probably faster, and I think you can probably narrow it down to what's available at your nearest Costco.

You can also search for Whole30 Costco shopping list using Google or another search engine and find lists other people have put together. As far as I know, there's no official Whole30 list like this, these will just be what other people have found useful, so definitely double check all the ingredients for everything, as people can make mistakes, or if the list is older, manufacturers can change recipes, so what was fine at one point, may not be anymore.

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Sorry, it's very hard to read the tiny sideways pictures so I can't say for sure based on the ingredients - you want to look out for sugar, grains, carageenan and other sweetners... if the product doesn't have those, it's likely good to go.

Oat was mentioned in your first post and that's a grain so that would be a no go.

If you want further clarification, can you write out the ingredients or zoom the pictures and put them right side up? I tried to read them but just couldn't.

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