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Hello, I am a bit confused about yogurt bowls / Whole30 compliant breakfast bowls. 

Let’s say for breakfast I ate a CoconutMilk Yogurt with Chia Seeds, Almond Butter and fruit. Would that be Whole30 compliant and how would that fit into the meal template rule? Is this a breakfast that fits those rules? 

OR let’s say I had a breakfast bowl that was Sweet Potatoes mashed, topped with fruit and a nut butter. 

I am used to eating a lighter breakfast such as oatmeal with honey and fruit in the morning or starting my day with yogurt and fruit.

I am wondering if yogurt bowls or a base of sweet potato topped with fruit for breakfast is compliant? 

thank you! 

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The template is a recommendation, not a rule. We believe most people will do better if they make most of their meals match the template, but you could eat bananas with almond butter for every meal for 30 days, and technically would have done a Whole30. 

Both of the meals you mentioned could be Whole30 compatible, as long as the yogurt, nut butter, and other ingredients were all Whole30 compatible (i.e., no added sugar, no peanut butter, etc.). They do not really meet the template. The sweet potato one is closer, as it has a vegetable, but neither of them really have much protein. You can have them for breakfast if you want, but if you find yourself hungry after a couple of hours or feeling tired in the middle of the day, maybe consider trying to get closer to the meal template for a few days and see if it helps.

If the sweet potato bowl sounds good to you, what about adding some chicken to it, or some seasoned  ground meat, or even some eggs, hardboiled kind of mixed in like a salad or a couple of fried eggs on top.


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