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Best tips to manage alcohol after Whole30


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I had a VERY successful Whole30, finished at end of July, 2022.  I did not miss the sugar, artificial sugar, carbs, preservatives, dairy, beans at all.  I did not have a period of difficulty in the first week.  The way of eating was perfect for me, must have been JUST what I needed!  The most valuable thing it did for me was to curb my evening cravings completely!  It is so exciting and such a relief.  I think my sugar had gotten out of hand without me realizing it...after having no real weight issue all my life, about 7 years ago, I began gaining weight, and I gained almost 30 pounds,  I thought it was my approaching menopause, and I tried every diet, nothing was sustainable or worked and it kept getting worse--it was scary and so upsetting!  With Whole30 I easily lost 14 pounds in the first month and so I continued it.  I am now at 60 days, and I have lost 18 pounds.  I can see the challenge for me is going to be alcohol as I return to being social!  I was able to simply choose to not attend parties while on Whole30, everyone knew I was doing it, and I simply opted out.  Now I have begun attending parties, and I have decided to start dating again, and I am realizing how hard it is to resist alcohol! I also realize how MUCH our society depends on alcohol, it is incredible, and very difficult to "go against the grain".  I want to find ways to 1) do fun activities that do not involve alcohol, and 2) find the best things to drink that would have the least impact on my sugar, and my Whole30 mindset.  Red wine?  A splash of alcohol in club soda?  Does anyone have ideas, or is there a place where these ideas about alcohol are collected?  Thank you!

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