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I started early and I feel amazing!


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Hi, Whole30’ers!

I decided to hop into the September Whole30 because this summer was just TOO MUCH. I felt like I’d lost my way and was paying for it with poor sleep, aches and pains, breakouts, irritability, and an overall lack of motivation. That lack of motivation even made it difficult to commit to this month, but I knew that I NEEDED it.

I decided to start on September 1, so now I’m five days in. I’m SO glad I did! This is my fourth Whole30 and I have a feeling it might turn out to be my best. After just a few days I’m sleeping better, my workouts have improved, I feel less ache-y, and my skin is glowing. I’m still working on managing my hunger, but I’m following Melissa’s common advice to “just put Whole30 food in your mouth.” And honestly, that’s so freeing from my usual obsession over what and how much I’m eating.

So, for those of you who are starting today, get ready! You’re going to feel amazing in no time!

Jen in WI

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