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My journey to feeling goooood


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I started whole30 for many reasons - to learn about different foods and ingredients, to reduce headaches and back/neck pain, to have more energy, to lose a little weight, to be more conscious of what i'm putting in my body, and to just overall feel goooooooood.

Today marks day 7 of my whole30 journey and I'm already starting to notice small changes happening to my mind and body.

Before Whole30 I wouldn't pay much attention to what I was eating. I felt like I had a good diet going, not overindulging too much - you know, just satisfying my cravings when I had them, and exercising a fair amount. If I wanted a bowl of cereal for breakfast? sure! turkey sub sandwich for lunch? why not - it's turkey, that's healthy! chicken stir-fry with rice for dinner and some fro-yo for dessert? my kind of night.

But something had not been feeling right, and for a very long time. I would wake up between 2-3 times per night, have migraines by the week, get nasty stomach cramps after eating, and continue to get extreme neck/back pain. I should back up a bit and say that I have scoliosis and had neck surgery two years ago on a herniated disc - so dealing with back/neck pain has been an ongoing struggle of mine. But I never attributed the pain to what I might be feeding myself.

Now that I'm 27 I want to take more control over my body. I want to educate myself on the types of food that I'm feeding myself, I want to have more energy throughout the day so I can be proactive and have a clearer mind. I want to take care of myself and just feel gooood.

There have been some ups and downs these last 7 days. I started the first few days with loads of energy and sleeping through the night (!). Around day 4/5 I started getting waves of my previous cravings - fro-yo, macaroni, chocolate, PIZZA! - but the slight changes I'm already feeling are so uplifting (I've been sleeping better and my mind is clearer) that I have more motivation than ever to continue on this journey.

you can follow my journey more closely on my personal blog, http://www.pocketfullofchuckles.com/search/label/whole30

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