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It's Happening!!! My husband and I are doing the Whole 30 and started yesterday.Let's Go!!!!!

Brenda BK12

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Good afternoon everyone,

Just wanted to say Hi and to say how excited I am to be here.I am new at this forum stuff but I will get through it by learning as I go.Wishing everyone success on the Whole 30.This is Day 2 and I did a lot of food prepping and food chopping on Sunday in order to be successful and stick to the program.I am a certified nutrition and health coach but I am not perfect and I let my emotions control my eating.It's called stress eating.I am here to gain control over my mindless eating and to nourish my body with foods that help me feel good and energized.I am a pretty good planner and eat whole foods but the snacking on the sweets at night have to stop.I know it's out of habit,stress or boredom.Here we go to a successful month of learning how to control my emotions and stress, not with food but with dealing with my emotions and asking myself what is really bothering  me and learn to make better decisions and commit to starting healthier habits around food.Food is medicine to nourish us.Good Luck to all

Brenda BK12

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Hi Brenda,

good luck! I’m also new to the whole30 & I just entered my first day of week 3

Looking forward to that tiger blood ?!? I hope anytime soon!

the food prepping is definitely key!

Which program did you do to become a nutrition & health coach? 

Take care & good luck to you and your husband!

I’m sure you can do this! 



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