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Hello!  I'm just starting the Plant Based Whole30 program! 

There are many sources that have recipes that state they are Whole30 compliant.  How do you know if they are legitimately compliant?  I'm looking for additional recipes for the Plant Based program in addition to what is listed on the Whole30 site.  Anyone have any good sources?  

Thank you!

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In order to know, you have to consider the recipe against the rules of the program. First check the ingredients - if there are any ingredients that are not compatible with the program, then you either need to substitute them or switch recipes.  Second, make sure the recipe isn't going against the Pancake Rule or the No Recreating Baked goods rule... so no 'ice cream' regardless of the ingredients, no 'home made crackers', no 'noodles' that are not just a veg cut into a noodle shape.  Once you've checked both those things, then you'll know if the recipe is actually Whole30 compatible or not.  It's good to start a practice of reading through a recipe like this, even if you know it's from a reputable source - then it becomes second nature to do a quick scan and determine for yourself if it's good to go.

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