On Day 12 and happy to already have successes to share!

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I am sleeping much more soundly at night and am not craving all of the junk I used to eat. My (supportive but decidedly non-Whole30) husband is loving the dinners I'm cooking, and my kids are liking the compliant snack foods I have started keeping around--still working on finding Whole30 dinners they enjoy, but that will be an ongoing process.

My husband is even on board with the idea of unwinding with compliant kombucha--instead of our usual occasional bottle of wine--during the week; we both tried it for the first time recently and liked it a lot.

Best of all, my wheezing/asthma is almost nonexistent. I had suspected something in my diet was making it worse, so it will be interesting to learn the culprit at reintroduction. I suspect it's gluten and/or dairy, but we'll find out.

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