Can I have Lupin Flour

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On 9/12/2022 at 4:29 PM, LMassic said:

Can I have Lupin flour.  I understand Lupin is a legume but wondering if it’s a compliant legume like green beans. 

I will ask HQ for confirmation but I'm almost positive that this is NOT like a green bean.  The reason that green beans are okay is because the 'bean' part is miniscule and the majority of what you're eating is the pod which is not the problematic part.  From my quick research, when ingesting the lupin or items made from lupin, it's the actual bean that is being used. I'll get an official answer but until then, I'd steer clear.

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From HQ:


Lupin flour would not be permitted. It is made directly from the legume and not the pod. Lupin is from the same plant fam as peanuts and is vaguely related to soybean. Leave lupin flour out for your Whole30.
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