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Im wondering if anyone has any more creative ideas for incorporating fats into meals, especially for someone with multiple food aversions.   let me explain further.   My husband,  without much forethought, decided to join my whole30 in support,   not taking into account his serious number of food aversions.   were on day 8 and Im doing well and hes feeling horrible.  Hes another day, maybe 2 away from giving up completely,  and I really want to continue together,  as its been a wonderful support.     Im making/seeing what hes eating,  I am most concerned that hes not getting enough fat, and thats making him feel (and act) miserable.  He doesnt eat any form of eggs,  (unless baked in a cake) no avocado, no coconut, no nut butters,  will eat an almond but is already sick of them,  no fish/seafood,  no ghee (hes been having clarified butter) and no olives,  but will cook/eat olive oil.   so mostly all the fat,  has anyone got any ideas?   or should I give him permission to "fail" and hope I can make it alone.....

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Ultimately you can only be responsible for yourself. He's an adult who can decide for himself what he eats, if he wants to do Whole30, you can explain that you think incorporating more fat may help him feel more satisfied with meals, and he can decide what he wants to do with that information. If he decides this is not for him, he can still be supportive of you, by eating what you fix for shared meals, even if he supplements that with non-whole30 foods, by keeping the things you find most tempting out of the house, and by not pressuring you to eat things you don't want to eat.

As far as adding fat, maybe do skin-on chicken (This is a good recipe), add sauces or dressings over meats and vegetables (could be ranch dressing, chimichurri sauce, Whole30 compatible pesto sauce, even salad dressings), roasted vegetables instead of steamed. You might be able to sneak eggs in in things like vegetable fritters, where egg just binds the ingredients together and isn't noticeable. 


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