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  • SugarcubeOD changed the title to Whole30 Digestive Distress

Actually, I feel fine but some days have trips to the bathroom as mentioned above.  I am following the procedures and use Whole 30 recipes in the Whole 30 book by Melissa.  Doing soft boiled eggs in morning or homemade yogurt and fruit, then maybe BLT Salad, for example from No Crumbs Left cookbook and for supper baked salmon, zucchini or yellow squash, fresh tomatoes.  Drinking water and coffee.  So, There.s an example of oneday’s eating and prepping.  Staying faithful!  Thanks for your help!

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You could try adding some starchy carbs to your meals... I find that if I have too many, i have opposite of your problem so maybe that'll help a bit. Other than that, your meals seem fine... they don't completely follow the meal template recommendations (linked in my signature below) but the ingredients don't seem to stand out as something that might be causing distress.  Perhaps it's just a prolonged detox.

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