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Whole 30 Log


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Well guys, I did so well for about 25 days. Amazing. Felt awesome! Really, hardly any problems and was feeling great.

Around day 25/26 I started getting weirdly preoccupied with food and having recurring thoughts of forbidden food. I thought about food and diet pretty much all day.

Day 27, I was again preoccupied with food all day depsite eating extra. Like a lot extra. Then last night I caved and binged out.

Stupid binge. I have no true junk food in the house so it was a blueberry coconut milk smoothie with gobs of honey and a bowl of nuts and ground flax seeds with coconut milk and gobs of honey. Old habits. Then I found a cliff protein bar (gross!) and also ate my end of whole 30 chocolate.

So I'm out. I think this is an example of a "whole 30 gone bad" and the recommendation from Melissa is to stop. So that's all folks...thanks all for your support but I'm off for now. Good luck everybody...Peace!

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