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My 1st round


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Hi everyone,

So this is my 1st round of whole 30 & I know it will not be my last...

I am in my 4th week so this means I nearly finished the first 30 days... Today is day 25... Since I'm only getting the hang of everything now, I didn't figure out this forum soon enough and have only been responding to a couple of other participants. 

Technically I should have gone back to "day 1" a few times as I chewed gum a few times.

When I started week 3, when I was halfway, I had a lunch in a town I've not been living in long &  it was hard to find a good place to eat which has compliant whole 30 food. I live in Europe so I can't use the whole 30 resources. I thought I had find a place that only served 2 dishes that were compliant, or I thought they were. I was happy to had found it after a couple of hours of research. Now the day is there & my friend and I enter the place, order our food & I picked a sweet potato vegetable curry. I looked at the ingredients several times & there was no soy nor sugar nor any other ingredients I could't have... 

Until... I tasted the first spoon... I tasted sugar, or I thought... I did eat the curry as I was hungry & hesitant to ask the staff about the ingredients but before walking out, I double checked anyways. The waiter went to check with the kitchen & came back to me saying there is indeed some sugar in the dish. Oh my god the horror! Especially since I didn't want sugar, I didn't crave sugar... I knew I had to start over again & go back to day 1 but I could't as we have a 4 day wedding thing happening a week after I finish the whole 30. I will however try to stay on track & have a bit of wine here and there but I want to come back after the wedding & re-start this whole 30 without any, hopefully, sneaky sugar.

I am quite the active person who will go to the gym for group classes 4/5 times/week & I am a yoga instructor. However when I started the whole30, I had this weird virus and I was feeling exhausted & tired. Drained my energy... Unfortunately, this virus keeps dragging on & I have not had the energy to properly exercise... I don't think I lost weight. I am not a 100% sure as I am not supposed to weigh myself. I did lose the water retention so my rings are lose but not so much my clothes & I still look the same in the mirror ;-) I had been hoping to lose some weight as I gained 5kg this last year.

I hope I can find my energy back soon & lose some weight on the next round. I know this is not the goal for whole 30 but I really need to shed some kg's.


Have a lovely end of the day & speak soon,




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That’s annoying that there was sugar in your meal! It is so hard to eat food out when on this plan! 
we have talked before about the mystery virus- I still have times where I am feeling really wrung out and exhausted, even after 3.5 weeks! And I have not drunk alcohol since 13th august. I don’t feel ready to stop yet so I think I will carry on after the 30 days are done. I had hoped to feel really healthy and energetic but this round I just haven’t. 

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I agree!

this virus is apparently going around, I hear friends from all over telling me the same things & it for sure ain’t covid ;-)

I’m starting to feel better & get my energy back. I’ll try to get back into my workouts this week.

we have a wedding coming up next weekend & I know I’ll have champagne & wine. If I don’t like it, I will not drink it cause I feel it’s not worth it.

but I sure miss a good glass of white wine during the weekend.


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Day 30


Today is my last day which means tomorrow I can start to reintroduce certain foods/drinks, one at a time.

I am feeling very bloated today so not a great ending to my whole30. Because of this weird virus I've been carrying around sine day 1, I've been very low on energy & tired and just not feeling myself.

This made me not work out for nearly 3 weeks which is very unusual for me as I'm usually 4/5 days per week found in the gym, running or teaching yoga...

I never experienced the Tiger Blood & I don't think I lost weight ( I feel this in my clothes), except for the water retention. So I am a bit disappointed in that. However, I want to start again on Monday since I want to try this again without the mistakes of eating out... I am not sure I'll be able to stick fully to it this time as we're going on a holiday soon... I need to get my head around this & figure it out. 


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Day 31

this is it! I got on the scale just now & the verdict is … -2 kg 

It’s not a massive amount & not what I expected if I’m fair & honost … I was hoping for a bit more weight loss as once you start the reintroduction, a bit of weight, I suspect, will come back on?! I also believe it isn’t much of a loss of weight but rather water retention. I was really swollen lately… 

I am grateful for fitting in a few dresses a bit better.

I am reintroducing just a little bit as I will be back for another round next Monday.

So I am going to take the weekend off as we have this 4 day wedding thing & I know eating out is a nightmare so I know stuff will slip in my diet anyways. I will still try to keep up as much as possible but I won’t always be able to pick my food so I’ll have to go with whatever they serve…

I’ll stay away from the deserts unless there’s a wedding cake, I might taste a bi… or not…

curious to see how strong I’ll be & if it changed me & if I feel the food freedom yet ?!? 


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